"Life is big,
but I like my jewelry even bigger"

This sentence perfectly captures Liat Ginzburg, her outlook on life, passion for jewelry, and unique, bold and fun-filled designs. Her daring statement pieces with their abundant use of color and electrifying style have quickly made her well-known across Israel.

Liat`s lines swept the Israeli fashion scene with stylists, journalists and celebrities alike clamoring to wear and feature her designs. Demand for her pieces has been rapidly growing ever since, with local fashion opinion leaders describing Liat Ginzburg as "the most promising and interesting jewelry and accessories designer in Israel".

The designs express a contemporary view on the 90`s fashion and club scene, and are characterized by bold colorfulness and blunt, “disharmonic” combinations. Her influences range from the night life scene, through her career researching and teaching about art, and all the way to her poem writing and art photography.

The jewelry pieces are made from vintage elements from the 70`s and the 80`s, which Liat collects on her travels in streets and markets around the world, as well various plastic, perspex, rubber and wood components. The pieces are handcrafted and come in limited edition, due to the rarity of these elements.

Liat GInzburg is now starting to become known internationally. Her designs have been showcased in Pret-A-Porter Paris The Box and Craft Boston, and featured in Grazia Paris, Vogue Italy and on Trinny and Susannah`s TV show and web. Her collections can be found in prestigious shops in Israel and in selected European stores.

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